The export catalogue is a supplement of our South African catalogue, consisting of our most popular and most suitable plants for export purposes. This export catalogue cancels all previous editions. Prices are as per our current export price list for United Kingdom in Pound Sterling, Europe in Euro, USA and Canada and all other countries in US Dollar. should a plant be requested that has previously proved difficult to export and is therefore not in our export catalogue, the client will be duly advised. By placing an order, you confirm acceptance of the conditions of sale.


Malanseuns Pleasure Plants will under no circumstances be held responsible for any loss experienced should the client  insist on ordering varieties that are not recommended for exporting.


The plant sizes are indicated in centimeters and inches. The measurements stated, are the minimum and maximum sizes of the plant. Prices indicated are for both young plants (saleable in 10cm pots). If larger plants are required, you are welcome to contact us for further details.

ordering orders can be placed with:
orders are accepted subject to availability of stock. orders for young plants must be placed well in advance, to enable us to produce the required quantity. a period of six months is required to ensure production and delivery.


by mail or facsimile at the following addresses:





P O BOX 5203


USA, 98227 - 5203



(360) 738-3935








by mail or facsimile at the following addresses:




P/a Peter Davies Horticultural Sales






TELEPHONE : 0044-1568-797747

MOBILE : 0044-79666-35005








by mail or facsimile at the following addresses:




P O BOX 911-636





 +27 (12) 562 0527 /8/9

+27 (12) 562 0520

 +27 (12) 562 0956

+27 (12) 562 0980/1/2/3/4

 FAX : +27 (12) 562 0558 / +27 086 622 9640






customs clearance

Please supply the name, address, telephone numbers and fax numbers of your handling agent to ensure prompt clearance. Airline handling charges are payable at the port of arrival or at the international airport of arrival. Customs clearance charges and plant health attendance charges are payable by the client upon arrival of plants.

for usa and canadian customers

In order to provide an efficient and economical customs clearance, and freight service to our customers, we use the Import Handling Agents listed below:


Commodity Forwarder Inc

10450 North West

41 Street

Doral Boulevard



USA 33178

Telephone : (305) 593-1774

Fax : (305) 593-1044

Ivey International Freight Services

Unit 4

Central Park Estate

Staines Road




Telephone : (0044) 1753 685008

Fax : (0044) 1753 687008

Icecorp Ltd

Unit 140

6621 Elmbridge Way


British Columbia



V7C 4N1

Telephone : (604) 273-9438

Fax : (604) 273-3771


Icecorp Ltd

1600 Courtney Park East





Telephone : (905) 672-7400

Fax : (905) 672-7060


for uK customers
Import duties

Import duty is collected by the Handling Agent at the Port of Arrival / Airport, prior to the delivery of the shipment, unless a VAT / Duty Decrement have been arranged. This is payable by the client upon arrival.


For countries which form part of the European Union (EU), a euro form will accompany the plants. It the value of the cargo exceeds € 6 000.00, a EUR 1 will be issued. If the cargo is less than € 6 000.00, a declaration on the invoice will enable the Consignee to get the same rebate as a EUR 1.



The following surcharge will be added to your invoice amount to cover costs of customs clearance and clearance throughout USDA.

Orders $ 1000                  =  15%

Orders $ 1000 - $ 2499     =  12%

Orders $ 2500 - $ 4999     =  11%

Orders over $ 5000           =  10%

internal freight

For USA customers only, a surcharge will be added to the invoice to cover the cost of internal freight form Miami to your nearest major airport.

non warranty

At MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS we do our utmost to comply with Government Regulations to ensure that the phytosanitary specifications are met before the plants leave our nursery. The South African Department of Agriculture inspects the plants thoroughly for pest and diseases. Plants are in excellent health and growing condition and will not be replaced due to damage caused by unforeseen circumstances.


No guarantee written or otherwise implied, as to names, vigour of fertility of plants is given.

Any liability that may be assumed by MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS is limited to the amount of the purchase price.

order confirmation

Clients should confirm orders as soon as possible after the quotation has been received. This will enable the Production Department at MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS to start production of the requested plants immediately.


Although precautions are taken to ensure that sufficient stock in produced in the nursery, it may happen that items are not available at a particular point in time ; therefore all orders are subject to the availability  of plants.


MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS will confirm orders in February for delivery from March to June or for a specifically requested date where possible.


Please note that :

Orders confirmed are subject to crop failure or any otherwise unforeseen circumstances.

Delivery times are estimates only. Neither MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS nor the Registered Agent can guarantee the arrival of plants on set dates  as foreseen problems may arise. MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS  or a registered a registered agent will advise  you of the flight details, arrival time, and waybill numbers a few days prior to delivery.

import permits and cites

If an Import Permit and/or CITES is needed, customers are required to check with their local Plant Health Offices to determine whether the order placed is eligible for entry. Should a permit be required, customers should send MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS  a copy of the permit on confirmation of the order, as the shipment cannot commence without the Permit being in the possession of MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS.


Please note that the plants CANNOT be dispatched and inspected without this informations. if in any doubt, please liaise with us. USA customers require a permit issued by the Canadian Agricultural Authorities.

terms of sale

1. Minimum order acceptable is € 1000 (Pound Sterling) for United Kingdom, € 1000 (Euro) for Europe and $ 1000.00 (U.S Dollars) for USA, Canada                                and all other countries.


2. Minimum order of 50 plants per variety, except in the case of specimen plants. When less than 50 plants per variety, are ordered, a 20% surcharge will be added to the price of each plant. When less than 20 plants variety are ordered, a 100% surcharge will be added to the price of each plant.


3. Prices quoted are C.I.F. (Cost Insured Freight) to Miami, USA, Vancouver and Toronto International Airports, Canada, Heathrow Airport, London, UK or to the clients nearest approved International airport if flights are available from South Africa.


4. All prices are subject to any cargo / freight increase imposed by Airlines.


For USA & Canadian customers the cheques must be send to :


P O BOX 5203



USA 98227-5203


For ALL other customers, the deposit slip must please be faxed through to our office's as soon as it has been made, to enable us to trace the transaction.

BANKING DETAILS are as follows:

ABSA Ban Ltd. South Africa

ABSA Swift Address


Routing : 632005

Malanseuns Pleasure Plants

Account Number : 1460 520 025



Plants sold are subject to cancellation/alteration of the order by the seller due to crop failure, plants not meeting the exports standards, shortages, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

CANCELLATION or order by the buyer

If the buyer cancels an order later tan 14 (fourteen) days after confirming his/her order, he/she agrees to pay Malanseuns Pleaure plants at least 30% of the value canceled as liquidated damages, without the seller having to prove his losses suffered. This cancellation fee is payable immediately, upon cancellation. Only when the seller claims a higher percentage, will he/she be obligated to prove his/her additional losses suffered.


Exchange Rate

Should the SA Rand strengthen more than 10% against the US Dollar, Pound Sterling of Euro, the relevant exchange rate adjustment will be made from order date to delivery date.



1. It is important to note that the consignee is the ONLY one who can lodge a claim.


If the consignee has declined the shipment or if the shipment was not received at the destination at the designated time, then the shipper can lodge a claim. The shipper's right of disposition shall cease at the moment when, after arrival of the cargo at the destination, the consignee takes possession or requests delivery of the cargo or air waybill, or otherwise shows his acceptance of the cargo. (NB: Delivery note signed as 'Contents not checked', still constitute clean receipt and therefore no claim will be accepted by insurer and/or Airline).


The Consignee must immediately let Malanseuns Pleasure Plants or agent know that the shipment was declined or not received.


2. When a shipment arrives in an unsatisfactory condition or the containers are damaged or lost, the client must immediately (within 48hours) contact:


a) Associated Marine Underwriting Agency (Pty) Ltd

   South Africa.

   Tel no: +27 (11) 358 9010

   Fax no: +27 (11) 339 4413

   Email :


b) Malanseuns Pleasure Plants as per point 8 hereunder


c) The Airline (to notify airline immediately telephonically of potential claims and provide the Airline with opportunity to view consignment but to confirm in writing STRICTLY within 7 days - copy of same to be sent to Associated Marine Underwriting Agency (Pty) Ltd to report the losses suffered.


3. The following must be written on the air waybill on arrival and acceptance of the damage or delayed plants:


Due to late arrival (date and time)/damage to shipment, the plants might be damaged. I therefore reserve my right to claim.


When a shipment is delivered at the destination against a clean signature without any endorsement/clean receipt on the delivery note, the Airline will not entertain a claim nor will the insurer.

4. Any claim must be made IN WRITING to the Airline within a prescribed period (to reach the carrier within 7 days after delivery of the goods).


5. When a pro-forma claim is made, the amount of the claim is not required but only a brief description of what transpired and the air waybill number.


6. The actual (formal) claim must reflect the amount of loss, the air waybill number and MUST be accompanied with copies of the 'Suppliers Invoice'.


7. All claims are subject to a prescription clause as defined on the back of the Airway Bill. Commonly 9 Months and in some cases 12 Months for a reply on a claim, therefore fully documented claims must reach Associated Marine Underwriting Agency (Pty) Ltd well within these periods to enable them to institute counter claim on the liable carrier/party.


8. The losses or potential losses suffered must also be reported to MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS within 48 hours after receipt of the shipment.


9. All plants incorrectly counted must be reported to MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS  within 7 days after arrival.


10. All claims must be reported to MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS within 14 days after arrival.


11. Credit can only be granted if the plants are dead/ruined on arrival or missing:

- due to delays caused by Airline

-If damage/loss has immediately been reported to relevant Airline

-If the damage/loss has been reported to MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS within 48 hours and the insurance company/Airline/Handling Agent has settled the claim.

-Fully documented claim is forwarded to insurer within a reasonable period


Credit will only be passed if the client adheres to the above conditions.





Special note

Should you perhaps experience any problems with our method of packing or the packing material, please inform MALANSEUNS PLEASURE PLANTS in order for us to investigate and thereby improve the service to you, our valued customer.


Plants which cannot be planted immediately should b kept in a cool room between 6°C to 8°C / 41°F to 45°F.


Malanseuns have much wider range of plants available. Varieties in this catalogue cover only a limited range of the many different plant types in propagation.

Please Contact :


Brianna Nel, Graham Harris or Peter Davies for more details.